Monday, April 09, 2007

Gov. Richardson in North Korea

Presidential hopeful, Gov. Bill Richardson, is on an administration authorized mission to North Korea to recover remains from the Korean Conflict. But the North Korean's weren't going to pass up a boasting opportunity:
PYONGYANG, North Korea (AP) -- New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson on Monday toured a U.S. warship captured by North Korea in the 1960s that is now used to inspire anti-American sentiment in the reclusive communist regime.

The North Korea colonel who served as Richardson's guide smiled as he told the governor the ship was an example of continued U.S. aggression toward his country. Richardson and his traveling companion, former Veteran Affairs Secretary Anthony Principi, were then shown bullet holes circled in red paint and a video describing the maneuvering of "brazen-faced U.S. imperialists."
The Governor commented:
"Despite the success with the remains, this is a relationship with a lot of tension, and this shows that," Richardson told reporters after the tour.

He called the Pueblo visit "a lot of propaganda, but we're guests here."
The Governor continues to display the most impressive resumé of active presidential candidates from either side of the aisle. Soon the US electorate will start to catch on and the race for the White House will become even more interesting than it already is.


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