Thursday, April 19, 2007

More Media Missteps

I watched ESPN this morning. Usually I have CNN on, or the CBS morning show. Unfortunately it is all Cho all the time. I grieve for the victims and families of Virginia Tech, and wish the Media would spend as much time telling us about their lives. But that is not to be. With the 'package' received by NBC, this crazed lunatic, Cho, is receiving the glory he so desperately searched.

I was embarrassed for us when I saw his double fisted weaponry displayed on the front page of the Strib, and cringe as much now as I did the first time they played his Video Manifesto.

My comments about the Imus fluff pointed out my dismay that the media was more to blame for thrusting those despicable comments into the public domain. And now I am even more perturbed that NBC and the rest of the mainstream press are giving this crazy man the amount of face time they are. It is only queuing up the next dick head who now knows how to fill your TV screens.

If you still aren't sure where I am coming from, this graphic should clinch it for you. It was drawn during the I-mess, but is just as valid today, and most likely in the future as well!


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