Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Best Of . . .

The annual Spring ritual is upon us. City Pages has released their Best of the Twin Cities for 2007.

CONGRATULATIONS to Spot and MNObserver for capturing the "BEST LOCALLY GENERATED BLOG (LEFT-WING)" says CP:
Written by an anthropomorphized Dalmatian from Edina named Spot, and MNObserver, a lawyer and mother from St. Paul, the Cucking Stool delivers its partisan bons mots with humor, bordering on partisan snark but tempered by the self-deprecating notion that the author poops in the backyard and drinks out of a toilet. Spot, that is—not MNObserver.
No word yet on when they will ever add a Best Blog for us Moderates.

Others of Note:
BEST ARCHITECTUAL TIME CAPSULE:St. Paul Union Depot: Worth a walk through anytime you are nearby. The Light Rail had hoped to revitalize this historic landmark. However, recent cost cutting options may for the LRT line to stop short of the intended end of the line at the Union Depot.

Corn ethanol: I wonder what Tom, at Sky Blue Waters, will say about this one.

Minnehaha Park on a warm spring day: No out of town visitor to my house is allwowed to return home without a visit to the Falls and a walk down to the river. And for a double bonus, guess where the BEST FISHING HOLE (URBAN) is!

Norm Coleman Sr.'s special delivery: The behavior of poppy should have no bearing on Juniors re-eletion efforts. However, if his party was fifferent, it would, cause that is just how the Right works.

I didn't have time to go through them all this AM. So expect me to highlight items from some of the other catgegories as time permits.


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