Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Kline Kontrols Konstituents

MN Monitor has the best coverage of John Klines 'Town Hall' event. The only controversy it seemed was the tale of two sets of rules. GOP Bloggers didn't seem to get the Meme that MN Monitor received directly from Kline's staff. No Live Blogging:
Had Jeff chosen to blog from the event via phone after being asked by the staff not to, he would have broken the rules of the event that were set out by Kline's staff to him. Obviously, you were given different rules.
Classic manipulation by the Right. Two sets of rules, for the two 'Universes' they have created. And to think that President Bush ran as a uniter not a divider. I think he has created one of the deepest chasm in political history.

Jeff Fecke of MN Monitor did file a story after the event. And it is clear he did not let his experiences with the Kline Staff effect his professional reporting of the story:
A town hall meeting held in Lakeville by Rep. John Kline, R-Minn., drew an enthusiastic and passionate crowd on Tuesday night. But strong arguments and questions from both sides of the aisle did not translate into any significant rancor.

In a two hour session, Kline heard from constituents on a variety of issues, but the Iraq war was the dominant theme from supporters and opponents alike. Constituents also highlighted concerns about union organizing, postal reorganization, education, and immigration.

While rhetoric at times grew heated, all sides remained reasonably civil, and generally behaved according to guidelines put out by both Kline's staff and by anti-war protesters.
Read the rest, it is like you were actually there.

Inside MN Politics has some early video up, with a promise of some more. Also some comments from Christopher Truscott.


UPDATE: YouTube:

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