Monday, February 05, 2007

Super Bowl Quickies

Congratulations to the Indy Colts. I would have given the MVP to the Offensive line. Seems all Payton had to do was a) show up, and B) Win the game, to get the extra hardware. I'm fine with that. I was rooting more for Tony Dungy than the Colts. He deserved a ring considering he had the Tampa Bay title stolen from him. With the monkey of their backs, it will be interesting to see if they can establish themselves as the new dynasty. Will we hear the Colts listed off in the future with Pittsburgh, San Fran, Dallas, and/or Green Bay.

My Chili turned out nummy. I start with 6 pounds of hamburger on Saturday morning. You do the math from there.

Commercials were anticlimactic. They can all be seen here. Ones that come to mind; the Bad Comb over (Siera Mist), Snickers Kiss, and the Fist Bump to a slap (Bud Light. My kids bought right into the change *grin*). My favorite was the Coca Cola Factory inside the Soda machine. Very ingenious.

Next year it will be the Vikings losing to the Colts. You heard it here first.


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