Tuesday, February 13, 2007

It Is By Your Actions, Not Your Words.

The on again off again Edwards blogger kerfuffle is evolving towards a conclusion. Panda Amanda (Marcotte) has resigned, after being fired, but not really fired, and then hired back even though she wasn't really fired to begin with, but she did resign.

In her resignation post, she posted a letter sent to the NY Times. it speaks volumes to the true nature of this situation:

As for Donahue, it's amazing how some people feel it is OK to put others under a microscope for personal or political gain. Especially when they have their own issues. But upon further review, this whole situation will turn out to be a plus plus for the Left. Edwards was able to sterilize himself early enough so there will be no back lash a year from now. A smart political opponent would have maybe waited until a more damaging moment to spring this faux scandal. Now Amanda is back to being a Panda, with no conflict of interest to hold her back, and plenty of time to dig up the dirt that is most certainly out there.


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