Friday, February 09, 2007

Kline -vs- Ramstad

The other day, a statewide effort was made by statewide peace activists in an attempt to deliver petitions and discuss policy with congressional staff members. A small group of constituents within the respective districts were going to visit there Representatives local offices to begin the dialogue. Ramstad's office served coffee, Kline's called police!

Lakeville Dad has the skinny on how to treat constituents:
We were received with great hospitality, offered coffee or water and invited to set up our posters and pictures, and given extra chairs for additional visitors. The first contingent at 9am met with Chief of Staff Lance Olson in the Congressman’s office to explain the purpose of our project and deliver the letter to the Congressman. We were assured that it would be faxed to D.C. immediately. Mr. Olson showed us the facilities and offered us copies of Congressional reports and other news releases. Every hour or two he stepped out into the reception area where we settled, to greet newcomers and urge them to sign the guest book.
. . . and how NOT to:
Osskopp said Kline's Burnsville office deals only with constituent services. When it was pointed out that all of the people in the group were constituents of Rep. Kline, he clarified that the office is there for the "other" constituents of the district. Whether by that he meant only for those who had voted for the congressman or share the congressman's beliefs, is unclear.
You may disagree with Congressman Ramstad's politics, but he knows how to be a part of representative government. Kline has much to learn.


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