Saturday, February 10, 2007

It's Official - Obama '08

Barack Obama will announce his official candidacy for President of the Unitied States. The declaration will take place in Springfield Illinois, on the steps of the old state capitol. He will then begin a tour of the early caucus/primary states to continue building support.

When I spoke with the Senator, I asked him "how do we make sure we have a healthy debate within the party without providing ammunition to the opposition during this process?" He stated:
(B)y talking about issues. I think it is entirely legitimate for Democrats to have a debate about the best way to achieve universal health care, what is the best way to bring our troops back home from Iraq, what is the right balance between security and civil liberties. Those are all, I think, legitimate topics to debate. I would hope that in a Democratic primary we make sure that we always assume good faith on the part of our opponents.
A very refreshing look at what may lie ahead in his campaign.

I'd take him over Hillary, but still prefer Richardson, with a level of intrigue towards Al Gore. And it's only February . . . . '07!!


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