Wednesday, February 28, 2007

MN GOP Jokes About Medical Misfortunes

A need for common sense:
"Just imagine that you are a teenage girl. You are out shopping with your friends in the mall. And all of a sudden, you need to go to the bathroom, like now. You can't wait. You have to go. You are sitting there in absolutely excruciating pain and discomfort," Aldritt told a Senate committee. "You go up to an employee … and they say, 'No. Our bathroom is only for employees.' "

Aldritt has ulcerative colitis, which causes rectal ulcers. Sufferers need to go to the bathroom urgently and frequently.
There shouldn't have to be a law, but if you are inflicted with these kinds of conditions, and/or know someone who is, you already know the urgency involved.

But there is a deeper issue here, it is how the Republican party and their operatives are treating those inflicted with theses maladies. They simply don't care, they have no sympathy or even desire to reach out. To them it is a joke, and that is what is sad about the state of their party. Their defense:
"In my heart of hearts, I just don't believe that we need legislation that dictates that level of involvement in businesses," he (Micheal 'MDE' Brodkorb') said. Simple human decency, he believes, would require that businesses make their restrooms available to those in need.
That's a former MN GOP opposition researcher and a paid GOP party operative talking. What this collective refuses to understanding is if simple human decency were enough, there wouldn't need to be the law to begin with. Do they even listen to the pleas of the afflicted:
But Jim Fennell says people in need have been turned away from using nonpublic store restrooms.

"Many times, people are refused and embarrassing things happen," said Fennell, regional executive director of the Crohn's and Colitis Foundation of America.
It's no wonder my slow move to the Right keeps running into brick walls that show the total lack of compassion and sympathy by the leaders and faces of the Republican party. Pathetic of them if you ask me.


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