Thursday, October 06, 2005

Hatch to Announce Soon!

Reliable sources have informed me that Attorney General Mike Hatch will be announcing his gubernatorial candidacy by months end. The AG will be the front runner in an already crowded race.

Recent Zogby Polls have him leading Pawlenty, but early polls, just like any polling, is only a picture in time.
48.6% AG Mike Hatch (DFL)
45.2% Gov. Tim Pawlenty (R)

47.9% Mike Ciresi (DFL)
45.6% Gov. Tim Pawlenty (R)

45.3% Gov. Tim Pawlenty (R)
39.4% Former State Rep. Bud Philbrook (DFL)
With the GOP on their heels, it isn't all that surprising that they are trailing at this early date. An awful lot can happen between now and next November, so let's not count the votes just yet.

In other news, MDE will claim this as his exclusive by the end of the day, and flash it on his blog with a banner headline. He'll probably even include the announcement date (which I believe will be the week of October 24.) You heard it here second, since he will claim you heard it their first. (All in fun, put away the snow balls *laughing*)


UPDATE: Grand Forks Herald confirms:
Minnesota Attorney General Mike Hatch says he'll likely make an announcement about his political future in the next couple of weeks.
I say pencil in Monday the 24th

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