Monday, October 03, 2005

DFL Governor's Field Filling Up.

With Kelly Doran's switch to the governor's race, other hopefuls are starting to throw their hat in the ring.

Bud Philbrook is taking a shot:
Advocating for education, an improved economy and environmental protection, DFLer Bud Philbrook officially announced his bid for the governor's office Sunday afternoon.

Philbrook, 59, also criticized Republican Gov. Tim Pawlenty for failing to prioritize "core values" and for using disingenuous rhetoric harmful to political participation.

"I'm running because I am deeply concerned about where Minnesota is being taken, not where we are willingly going," Philbrook said at his campaign launch at a Maplewood park.

Philbrook served as a state legislator from Roseville 30 years ago.
Also, there is strong indications that State Senator Becky Lourey will make a run.

Throw in the almost certain bid of Attorney General Mike Hatch, with Steven Kelley's announcements last Spring, and we have a horse race. And don't think that this will be it. The field will get more crowded before the candidates start thinning out.


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