Wednesday, October 12, 2005


My wife generally grabs the paper in the AM. When I came down, I glanced on my chair and then went outside to get the latest news. Hmm, nothing there. So then I go back to my chair and there was a newspaper there. Much to my chagrin, the long awaited facelift arrived. One word, AWFUL.

Tough to read, tough to navigate, tough to stomach. I've seen Junior High kids create better lay outs in PageMaker then this fiasco. Maybe I am an old curmudgeon that hates change, but shouldn't a newspaper's articles GRAB a readers attention, not be buried in disorganized column clutter.

So I figured I'd just go to the website for my news. NOT, haven't been able to get into their website since I got to work.

Off to the PiPress.


UPDATE: I was finally able to access the website. Actually, I like the web redesign. Much cleaner, softer look to it. I guess you can't have everything.

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