Saturday, October 22, 2005

Footblogging Week 6 Complete

It's been a busy weekend for me and I am awfully tired. With a 5:00AM Red eye flight, I am going to have to take a quick nap here so I can be relatively fresh for the hour drive to Buffalo. The bonus for me is I will be home by 10:00AM and able to witness the Toilet Bowl at Noon. I guess it is the Packers, so maybe if the newsies can make it more then 5 minutes without mentioning Das Booty, we will be able to concentrate on the game itself. But I still have two more games to lock in before kick off tomorrow, so here goes:

2. San Francisco at Washington (-12.5).

I simply can not expect any NFL club to cover a 12.5 spread. I just can't. Unless of course it is the Colts playing the Queenies. And as horrid and San Fran may be, they are still not the Queens.Take Frisco and the points

3. Pittsburgh at Cincinnati (-1).

This may as well be a pick'em game. Conventional wisdom should convince me that the Steelers are a cinch, but they are pretty banged up. I am not sure if even a gimpy Sophomore Quarterback will be able to hold of the team that is no longer bungling. I was going to just flip a coin on this one, but I have to believe the Bengals are for real.So take Cincy in a close one, but not closer then one

So that's it. Foot's are here. I'm taking a nap now.


UPDATE I officially suck worse then the Vikings. After correctly giving the Chiefs the nod on Friday (But so did Foot), I swing and miss on the other two. The Vikes . . . .it wasn't pretty, but any win over the Packers is a good win!

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