Tuesday, October 18, 2005

L'Affaire Plame

A short work week for me, and then I fly out to Rochester, NY for Fall Drum Corps meetings. But the PlameGate Grand jury is getting close, and Fecke at BotML is your source for the latest. He points us to Talking Points Memo with these tidbits:

There's mention of this involving Cheney again; Fitzgerald's office made a point of noting that when an announcement is made on indictments, it will be made in Washington (where the Grand Jury is empaneled) and not in Chicago (where Fitzgerald is based); There are a series of names mentioned as interviewees, including Mary Matalin, Catherine Martin, and Jennifer Millerwise.

Jeff also mentions Wonkette, who thinks Wednesday will be the big day.

So while I finish up my work week, and prepare for my flight, you now have the links necessary to watch the Bush admin implode.


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