Friday, October 14, 2005

Footblogging #5

Last week I continued my dismal performance. Although it is basketball that is a game of runs, not necessarily football pickens, I know my due will come. This week I have solicited the assistance of my oldest son, a Junior at Highland Park Senior High, and also a member of their varsity football team. He has chosen the monicker MasterMind, and will guide me through the tilts selected by King. I had absolutely no problem with siding with him on all three choices, even though he went with the dogs in every match-up. Here's why:

1. at (-3)
Sunday, 3:15 p.m. on CBS

MasterMind: Jets by 7 mainly because of their veteran Quarterback. And since Buffalo doesn't have a very good defense, Martin will rumble all over them.
Hard to argue with his point of view. TesticleVerde had all but retired from football until the Jets begged for his return, but this 41 year old Stallion (as Curtis Martin called him) has several good games in him. This weekend will be one of them.Take the Jets over the favored Bills.

2. (-2) at
Sunday, 3:15 p.m. on CBS

MasterMind: Oakland will win by 2. I only have 2 words why, Randy Moss! He'll have 2 TDs to aid in the victory.
Good ole Randy doesn't look like much of a Bad Boy now, does he. The Chargers have been turning some heads this year, and this was the only pick that I reconsidered. But my track record hasn't been all that good as of late, and it is hard to bet against Randy Mawesome.Take The Raaaaaiiders at home, over the favored Bolts

3. at (-3)
Sunday, NOON on FOX

MasterMind: Vikings by 3 since Culpepper will be rested because of the bye and ChiTown has no defense at all.
Well Chicago is ranked 3rd in defense, so I am assuming the MasterMind means they won't have any defense at all this weekend. I've steered clear of the SS. Minnows three Hour Cruise story this week, mostly due to my disdain for the media's desire to capitalize on immoral escapades of public figures. Now the Queenies need to do something desperately to distract the media from pounding out this story, and the best way to do that would be to run roughshod on another football club. The Bears are prime targets. If the Pillagers can't make it past the Bears, look for them to have more then just legal troubles in Hennepin County. Heads will certainly begin to roll.
UPDATE: Vikings SUCK!.
How about Tice just resigns and Ziggy inserts Foge in the interim.

Foot's picks are here, I haven't even looked at them yet. Maybe tomorrow.

OK, I peeked. Looks like I'll fall deeper into the chasm I have created, or take back some ground. Once again, the Foot and I are on opposite ends of all three choices.


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