Monday, October 31, 2005


At the half way point of the NFL Season. It is clear I have met my match for point spread prognostication. Although neither of us had a very good outing this weekend (both going 1-2), I am willing to call this match-up based on the unwritten 12 Pack rule. With a nice round number of 12, I can find various malted beverages that are packaged in a nice dozen (I know, 11 isn't 12, but if LF has any heart at all, we'll crack open that baby and share a beverage in his honor). A fifteen pack would limit Foot's selection to a small variety that may not adequately allow him to enjoy the spoils that victory brings.

My hat is off to Freddie the "Foot' and I encourage him to pick on someone his own size for the remainder of the season. Seems King has been taunting him all year anyway. Maybe it is time he put him money where is Foot is.

Game, Set and Match to the Learned one. I call for a rematch next season. Of course, we have hoops season just around the corner. I have had better luck in that environ, anyway.


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