Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Iraqi Hotdish

From this AM's STRIB:
Leaves a bitter taste

Recipe for Texas-style Iraqi Hotdish:

• Melt two sticks of 9/11, fold in tears of an anguished America, let simmer.

• In an undersized Afghanistan, drop in a small amount of troops, pound one Bin Laden into a corner, and set aside.

• Then, in a large State-of-the-Union crockpot, marinate public opinion in one quart of fabricated Iraqi imminent threat, one cup of nonexistent WMD, a teaspoon of mythical African yellowcake uranium and whip into a froth. Strain, discarding all doubts, thoughtful planning and experienced wisdom.

• Grease a misguided plan with evaporated oil revenues, layer with fictitious jubilant Iraqis, stir in froth and thousands of American soldiers. Insert into a desert inferno and bring to a chaotic boil.

• Baste with simple-minded clichés and bake until who knows when.

• Garnish with election-year name-calling.

Serve with arrogant confidence wrapped in a flag.

It's time for a new chef. Elect John Kerry.
Sometimes, it is as simple as a hotdish recipe!

One week left . . . GOTV!


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