Tuesday, October 19, 2004


I've been looking to expand my blogroll, especially the Righties. I happened to bop over to Bogus Gold yesterday, and scrolled down to read his Live Blog of the 3rd Debate.

I met Doug this past Summer at the First MOB (Minnesota Organization of Blogs) gathering at Keagans, and it wasn't our opposing views the drove our conversation, it was Drum Corps.

I thank him for the kind words he posted today,
Short answer, I'm blogrolling Flash's Centrisity site. All the good stuff I said about him above is true. Good enough for me (and to be honest, a hardcore leftist who truly does party with hardcore righties... on purpose... regularly is damn compelling).
and will gladly console him on November 3rd, when he joins the largest unison 'What Went Wrong' Chorus in GOP political history!


UPDATE: The ole brain mush, either from leaning left, or just too much happening in everyday life causes me to blur my Rightie blogs all together. Shawn, from 'The American Mind' is the one whom I chatted Drum Corps with at the first MOB gathering. Doug, at Bogus Gold, is whom bailed The Doctor and I, along with pinkmonkeybird, out of what could have been a humiliating defeat, rather then a mere humbling one, at a recent Keagan's trivia contest. All the same, great people and good conversation, even tho they are as wrong as they are Right *grin*!

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