Wednesday, October 27, 2004


The Blogging Caesar, a Righty Tightie blog, has his current electoral projection at 269-269. If you thought 2000 was a nightmare, can you imagine what a tie would do to whomever is ultimately inaugurated.

The Detroit Free Press has a quick Electoral College Q & A the handles the basics.

Bottom line, the House elects the President by a simple majority of state delegations (each state gets one vote) and the Senate chooses the Vice President. This would be the newly elected 109th Congress, not the current congress.

The division and bitterness we have endured over the last almost 4 years occurred due to a contested election and a Supreme Court ruling. I can't begin to imagine the division and awkwardness if Congress were to choose the next administration.

Can you imagine Kerry/Cheney, or Bush/Edwards, serving the next four years. Unlikely, but certainly possible.


UPDATE: CNN posted it's own story: Electoral College tie could be mother of all messes

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