Thursday, October 14, 2004

Debate #3 - Expanded Comments

Here is the transcript

Interesting evening!

When Mitch first pitched the Hilton gathering, I was under the impression it was going to be more of a Minnesota Blogger thing. It wasn't until I went to Captain's Quarters that I saw the reality. It was being sponsored by 'The Patriot'

Now I have placed myself in situations where I am surrounded by those who don't necessarily share my political viewpoint, but last night was nothing more then a Bush/Cheney rally. The only objectivity in the room was mine so it was easy to get confused regarding who was performing well, and who was not.

I was sensitive about my comments, considering the environment I had placed myself in. Bush looked rested, sounded prepared, and was much quicker on his feet. It seemed clear to me that Bush would probably be declared the winner in this final stand-off. Not because he bested Kerry, but due to the fact he far surpassed expectations. Kerry was prime Kerry, strong and articulate. But he set his own bar very high after the first two debates. Bush, and I am beginning to wonder if this was an intentional strategy, had set the bar low, very low.

My comment to Mitch, at the end of the evening:
"I'll go with what I said before - Bush looked rested up. I think the polls will show Bush won -he far exceeded expectations. Thought Bush was sharp (in delivery) tonight..."
Unfortunately, Kerry was at an obvious disadvantage in this room. I wasn't able to hear most of what he said. The constant cat calls, booing, and razzing going on prohibited anyone who truly wanted to be open minded from absorbing the debate. I only heard George, and I thought George did a fine job.

When I got home, I watched a different debate. Oh it was the some one I just witnessed with a bunch of Righties, but I was home, in the comfort of my own living room, and I found a channel that had just started the replay.

There was no doubt who was more poised, more presidential, more factual, more in touch with the views of the majority of Americans, and that man was John Kerry. It was amazing how different the debate actually was now that I was able to put all comments and rebuttals in their appropriate context.

So I have this great idea now for the next time there is a big debate. Whether it is in 4 years when Kerry is up for re-election, or any local debate that stirs up interest. You stage a viewing event, and have everyone try to bring at least one friend who is a fence sitter. Don't tell them that it is a partisan event. You prohibit the opposition from passing out literature, or sharing their views. And during the debate, you drown out the other side so that your 'guests' can't even hear the opponent. Those undecideds will sway your way. They will become engulfed by the partisan environment and feel they must join the momentum train.

That didn't happen to me last night. I skipped the punch bowl, not knowing what was in the 'Kool-Aid' But I did go up to the bar, and whispered to the server "I'm surrounded by Republicans, make it a double" So I took my Double Crown Royal, and set in the back with "The Doctor:, and took my lumps.

Next time it will be his turn, when we will be at the Kerry victory party on election night. He will be the one surrounded by the opposition, and his clock will have run out.


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