Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Yes we do . . . . have a spending problem!

The federal Government spends more than it takes in. This has been the case since Pres Clinton left office, the last time we had a budget Surplus. We can argue all day long about who spends the most, and borrows the most, but no one can argue we don;thave a spending problem whn the receipts aren;t there to pay the bills.

In my policy focused rebirth, we'll try to identify specific spending frustrations. But until both sides focus on what's best for this country's financial stability, rather than dolling out promises to financial backers and lobbyists, the debt will continue to pile up. Let's take the details out of the discussion and just have a 15% across the board slice and dice, and let the Department Secretaries make the decision on how to get there.

Back in 2005, the Right Wing think tank Heritage foundation listed the 'Top 10 Examples of Government Waste'. I'm not saying this partisan extremists site is the say all on these issues, but we would be slacking if we didn't at least acknowledge that the items they list could be easily removed from the budget lines. I mean, 100 Miliion in refundable unused airline tickets (PDF) Come on, folks, this is fish in a barrel stuff!

Much much more to com over the next several weeks.


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