Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Business Boom

When the Democratic party recaptured the Legislature, and grabbed the Governor's office for the first time in a generation, the Right lamented that business would be bailing in drove to avoid the hostile business climate. Guess not:

Minnesotans started more new businesses in 2012 than all but one year in the state's history. Filings in 2012 of corporations, limited liability companies, partnerships, limited liability partnerships and nonprofit corporations were up 18 percent on the year, the secretary of state's office reported Tuesday.
 Now, to be fair, these are 2012 numbers and it could be as simply as the unemployed centuring out on their own. 2009, in the deepest of the Great recession, was another major uptick. But the point is still valid, if folks thought the business climate was going to be as hostile as some would like you to believe, we wouldn't be seeing these numbers.

The new Lege has their hands full, and a rebounding economy will give them a surge in revenues without modifying the tax code. The next few weeks will tell us a lot about what lies ahead.


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