Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The 73% Solution?

While we consider reeling in the debt, and specifically entitlement reform, let's be sure we take a look at the facts, and acknowledge who would be most at risk to serious cuts in this area:

More than 90% of the benefits go toward working families, the disabled and the elderly. And more than half of all entitlement spending helps middle class Americans
In 2010, those age 65 and older collected 53% of the dollars, while the non-elderly disabled received 20%, according to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities
That's 53% + 20%, for 73%. So when considering entitlement reform, almost 3/4 of those receiving the benefits are those too old to work or those who simply can't help themselves through no fault of their own. And most all of them are only receing benefits in return for the doposits THEY made through their wokring career. Yes, I struggle with the term 'entitlements' on many of these individuals.

However, one area that we can look at is Social Security Disabalility fraud, which I do think has an awful lot of people gaming the system. The challenge is, how do you eliminate them from the doles, without capturing the innocents in the net.

It amazes me, sometimes, how many within those groups above are actually demanding the very reforms that could cut off their primary source if income, income they have earned through a life of labor.


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