Thursday, January 03, 2013

New year, New Laws

The STrib share some of the laws that took effect Jan 1. Some samples:

 - School buses manufactured from now on must have right-side crossing-control arms to protect students.

  - Licensed health care providers can no longer use third parties to solicit business from car accident victims, unless they reveal their names and clinics.

 - Extended warranties, which are typically sold to customers when they buy the product, now must be offered and sold separately and not as part of a package.

Nothing real earth shattering, but than, last years Lege didn't do much other than trying to deconstruct our State Constitution.

 I'm starting slow, but committed to getting back into the saddle. You'll see a much more issues based, policy centric Centrisity. It will also be pretty clear I've moved a bit to the Right, fiscally,  over the last couple years. We spend too much, we need to figure that out. And if you think the answer lies in the GOP, not sure their borrow and spend mentality, that has driven huge debt, is the answer.


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