Tuesday, June 01, 2010

9 days left

The countdown begins, and the next few weeks will be pretty hectic.

As one of the schools effected by the downsizing in St Paul, there is much to do. Fortunately we are moving, not closing, but it is still bag and tag boxes in preparation for the slide down Rice Street to the Arlington building.

My Air Force bound Senior is wrapping up his last week of school. Still on track, he has many countdowns going on, Friday is last day of classes, Next Wednesday is Commencement, a week and a half later is the Graduation party and Boot Camp send off. Then, on the 21st, he has his final de-Brief before spending his final afternoon with family and friends. He has a 9:00 Air Force Curfew that day, where he checks into the hotel with an early wake up call. The next morning they are hurried to the MEPS center for final orders, official swearing in, and then the flight to Lackland for 8 1/2 weeks of fun in the sun.

At that point, the week just begins. It will be a crazy month.


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