Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Eyes on Franken

The Fix knows who to keep an eye on:

Six Senators to watch in Kagan confirmation
Making the list, our very own:
* Al Franken: The Sotomayor hearings amounted to a public debut of sorts for the comedian turned Minnesota Democratic Senator. And, while Franken did occasionally crack wise, he was generally a low-profile presence on the committee. With another year of Senate service under his belt, does Franken take a different approach to this confirmation? With liberals expressing some concerns about Kagan's past policy positions (or, more accurately, her lack of past policy positions) will Franken take the mantle as liberal champion on the committee and try to draw her out?
Franken has turned the heads of even the most staunchest Conservatives, but they would never admit it publicly, the Tea Partiers are watching and any sign if weakness means you are out!


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