Tuesday, June 15, 2010

One week List

What would you do if you had a week to go for basic. I asked Airman to Be Nick to make a list of what he wanted to do before he left. Hopefully we can hit more than half of them, but it is interesting to see what he wanted to do:
1) Visit Gramma's Grave
2) See the inside of the Cathedral (where he was baptized)
3) Go Camping with the guys one more time
4) Get Sandals and new Razor
5) Hit up a Rave
6) Finish Fable
7) Eat at Al's Breakfast
8) Ride every ride worth riding at Camp Snoopy
9) Visit Burial Mounds
10) Visit Science Museum
11) Visit Como Zoo
12) Run a 5 mile trail
13) One more Twin's Game
14) Paint balling
15) Whiskey River; St. Peter, MN
16) Patrick's in St. Peter, MN
17) 3-D IMovie theater
18) AMC
19) Visit Veterans Memorial
20) Rock Bottom for pizza and Sarsaparilla
21) Spend a day with Grandma and Grandpa
22) Visit Thole, Mr Modelli, Capt Karimi (former teachers)
23) Visit Art Museum (MIA)
24) Visit Capital
25) History Museum
Pretty grounded list if you ask me. This guy will do just fine. I think we can knock off at least 20/


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