Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorializing 2010

From my 2004 Memorial day tribute I shared a little bit about my ancestry and their involvement protecting our freedom's:
My dad was the youngest in the family, and his father, being a widower soon after my dad was born, remarried. Gramma who was also a Widow, had several boys whom joined the clan, and it was a nice size rural farm type family. My dad enlisted in the Navy, and is a veteran of the Korean War. The other boys, including Grampa, were all vets of WWII. Gramma had 4 Star flags hanging in her window. One for Grampa Otto, who was a mail carrier in WWII (Otto drove ambulances in WWI) and one for each of her boys, Vane, LaMoyne, and Bob.

Bob didn't make it home. He was a casualty in Europe (from 2008 post). His body was eventually returned and is interred in the Dummer family plot in Henderson, MN.
And Mom's side:
My maternal background is more domestic. I only have to go back a few generations to find Civil War veterans (one even buried right here is St. Paul) and a few more generations to find Revolutionary War descendancy.
In fact, an Eaton family homestead, in Green Lake Wisconsin, was acquired through a War of 1812 Bounty Land Warrant.
While you are enjoying the beautiful day, and the amazing weather, don't lose site of what this day is really for.

Have a SAFE and HEALTHY holiday.


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