Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Testing Week, A Potpourri

It has been a typical testing week at work, with early starts and busy mornings cutting into my blogging time. It is the price you pay for driving this Centrisity buss solo.

So here are some things I am still following.

-- TPaw still thinks we can cut ourselves out of this mess. I guess he is really prepared to hand the state over to the Left who will at least make the painful, yet common sense decisions to do it right.

-- I support the idea of a new Viking's stadium, but it should be contingent on the permanent retirement of 'The Mole' that is Favré. I still think the better funding mechanism would be to take all the tax revenues that we would lose if the Vikes left, spread it over 20 years, and I think you';; find that is a nice chunk of change. Argument is that is general fund money, my retort is it is money we won;t have anyway if they leave.

-- The stellar detective work in the Times Square Bombing attempt showed how inter-agency cooperation, persistence, and the goal of protecting Americans, works. I couldn't help but think of a scene in '24' as the agents stormed the place at the last minute, while still sitting on the Tarmac.

-- Speaking of '24', this season, claimed to be the final on TV, is shaping up to be quite a season. I am also watching the first 5 days as I didn't get into the series until day 6. I was not really impressed with Day 6, and after watching the first 4 1/2 days and I can see why diehard fans were just as discouraged. Each of the first 5 days has gotten better and better, so a Day 6 let down was inevitable.

I have heard mixed reviews on what happens next for '24'. A movie is almost assured, but 'Keifer explained that it was a way to do 24 hours in a 2 hour movie allowing for travel and flexibility that just doesn't exists doing real time.
Sutherland also confirmed what we’ve been hearing for awhile now: the movie version will get rid of the trademark real-time aspect, instead condensing events into one two-hour movie. The movie will likely take place over one 24-hour period, but nothing has been made official yet as far as the time-framing.
In another story I read most recently, the Movie will be 2 hours of real time to set up a 22 episode 9th day in 2011/12 I have more confidence in the former, than the latter.

OK, what's on your mind?


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