Monday, May 24, 2010

A Woman of Distinction

The DFL Feminist Caucus had their annual Hall of Fame Banquet, this weekend, to honor their inductees. They have two categories, Woman of Distinction, and rising stars. Lets take a look at these award winners:
Women of Distinction

Jane Dietl
Linda Freemon
Martha Johnson
Jo Matson
Alana Petersen
Nancy Schumacher
Lois Wendt
Lynn Wilson

2010 DFL Rising Stars

Laura Askelin
Melissa Jamrock
Janie Paulson
Keeya Steele
Trayshana Thomas
Why there's familiar name. It is none other than my sister and frequent Centrisity commenter Linda! Here is her bio in the events program (click to enlarge)
CONGRATULATIONS, Sis, and congratulations to all of this years' honorees!!


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