Monday, March 15, 2010

Peter Graves; 1926-2010

Marshal Dillon's little brother passed away last night, he was 83
Peter Graves, the rugged actor who starred in the hit TV series "Mission: Impossible" and whose career took a comic turn in the disaster spoof "Airplane!" has died. He was 83.

Graves was found dead Sunday afternoon in front of his Pacific Palisades home from apparent natural causes, said Officer Karen Rayner of the Los Angeles Police Department.

Graves had just returned from brunch with his family to celebrate his upcoming 84th birthday. He collapsed on the driveway before he could reach his house, said Sandy Brokaw, his publicist. One of Graves' daughters administered cardiopulmonary resuscitation but was unable to revive him, Brokaw said.
Most people of this era remembers him as the goofy pilot of the Airplane Movie spoof, but I recall him as the leader of the original Impossible Mission Force.

Peter and his brother James both grew up in Minneapolis.


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