Tuesday, March 02, 2010

38 Flip Floppers Sitting in a Tree

So when then Sen John Kerry changed his vote when a bill was stripped of its funding mechanism, the GOP Smear machine used it to pummel him for being a flip flopper. Remember those cute wind Surfing ads. Yesterday, something completely different happened.

38 member of the GOP caucus, who all voted FOR those disadvantaged and most vulnerable among us, turned their back on those folks. They did a complete 180 on the EXACT SAME PIECE of legislation. There was no amendments, or adjustments. It was the EXACT SAME BILL! What changed was the pressure from the Presidential Candidate we call Governor, and the vice of the "pup tent" party tightening down.

The most vulnerable on the list is Marty Seifert, who now has lost his presumptive status as the GOP nominee. The Tea Partiers won't touch him, and the moderates now see him for who he is, a flip flopping, finger in the wind politician.

The Left has been dealt a hand that only they can screw up. However, maybe they will surprise some folks, and put out a full frontal assault to the Ideologue party. You know, a GOP that says one thing on one day, and the exact opposite a few days later.


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