Wednesday, March 03, 2010

It's Miller Time

For a moment, they were all on the same team!
PITTSBURGH -- Buffalo Sabres goaltender Ryan Miller received a standing ovation in Pittsburgh on Tuesday night for leading the United States to an Olympic silver medal -- cheers louder than those given the Penguins' own Sidney Crosby.

Crosby beat Miller to score the game-winning goal in overtime Sunday as Canada defeated the United States 3-2 for the gold medal in Vancouver. Despite being on the losing team, Miller was chosen as the tournament MVP.

Olympians for both teams were introduced before the game, with Miller drawing the loudest and most sustained cheering. Crosby also was given a standing ovation, but it was less enthusiastic than Miller's despite his vast popularity in Pittsburgh.

"It was a good tournament," Miller said before the Sabres lost to the Pens 3-2. "Hopefully, it made some hockey fans here in the United States."
MIller was resting, last night, so those 3 goals scored by Pitt were not against him.

The Olympics were a great run, and a great Gold medal game, now it is back to business as usual.


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