Monday, March 29, 2010

Demolition Man

It's Spring Break, but I will be taking no break. A long over due bathroom overhaul is taking place and we contract out a complete re-plumb of the main floor bath. Issues with odor and shoddy workmanship by the prior owner had created a situation that just had to be dealt with. Various bid quotes all came to the same conclusion, that who ever did the original bath install did not vent any of the piping, and used creative engineering to make it work well outside of code specifications. Over $6000 will be invested in plumbing alone to get things as close to code as possible. Permits are pulled and inspections will take place. Everything in this process will be above board.

I chose Artisan Plumbing and Remodeling for the work. They are a sponsor of AM950 and as long as I was making this type of investment, I wanted to be sure to spread the love to a sponsor of truth on the airwaves.

We began the Demo on Saturday and worked through the weekend to prep the area for today's work. Plumbers will be at it for a couple days before handing off. At that point we'll take over and lay new flooring, tile the tub surround, re-create the window that for some reason the original remodeler felt needed to come out.We are still debating glass block or just a regular well sealed Double Hung with frosting or tinting for security and privacy. The design and decision making is evolving like any major money pit endeavor.

Later this AM we will go to lunch and then shopping for tiles and flooring, leaving the trades folks to have free reign of the home while the sever the sewer line and water supply to begin the re-plumb process. Needless to say, posting will be light, or at least apolitical, as I focus on this extensive project. You can follow along at the PhotoBucket site. Otherwise, I'll throw up a few shots during the week just to keep me in check.

Enjoy the beautiful weather, and if you need any plumbing services, be sure to at least give Artisan an opportunity to bid your project. Tell them 'Flash' sent you, and that you are committed to supporting progressive advertisers.


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