Monday, February 02, 2009

Why is it?

Why is it when the GOP was in control of both the White House and Congress, they flew the fickle finger of fate in the faces of the Minority. They even expressed "I have political capital. I intend to spend it"!!. Call it the 'our way or the high way' method of governing.

So now that the Democratic Party is in control we hear this:
Sen. John McCain said Monday that President Obama and Democrats will have to "seriously negotiate" with Republicans if they want to pass a stimulus plan with bipartisan support.
Sen. John McCain says he'd vote "no" on the stimulus bill as it stands.

"I think we are clearly prepared to sit down, discuss, negotiate a true stimulus package that will create jobs," McCain said on CNN's "American Morning."
Don't get me wrong, I agree with the Senator. But where was all the talk of Bi Partisan negotiation when they were the ones holding the power. That's a rhetorical question. We know why they don't want to play nice when they hold the keys to the toy box.


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