Monday, February 09, 2009

Mitch's Talking Points Memo

Good friend and neighbor Mitch, who never saw a talking point he didn't want to copy/paste, now wants me to stop using the phrase. Generally that means I hit the mark pretty close.

In an attempt to start an honest debate, and reasonable dialogue, he all but ignored my comment to chastise me about the phrase. In an earlier posts, the Mitchkateers have, again, ignored my substantive information and posted facts by clamoring for proof of these talking points I speak of.

Although we suspect that the intellectually dishonest Right Wing of the local blogosphere (the members of which will be the ones that claim they are not) is probably directly involved in crafting said talking points, we do know where they are, and are confident they are subscribed to all of them. But the most important ones, of course, are actually housed on a government website, paid by taxpayers money.

Seeing is believing. Maybe if they are so dead set on cutting waste and pork, they can carry their website to a private hosting server on the RNC side, rather than the ".GOV" site. But as we know in politics, one person's pork, is another person's bacon!


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