Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Tapping Weather

The heck with the groundhog, stay tuned for the real first sign of Spring . . the official tapping of the first Garage Keg.God knows I have had a Winter worthy of an early Spring. Also, with Sgt. Tom expecting to get his travel papers soon and a scheduled return to the states next week, I'll need to be ready for the celebration.

I was soooooo tempted to pick up a keg last Saturday, but knew the cold snap was coming. However, with the front moving in later in the week, and an optimistic extended forecast, this just may set up the earliest Spring in my history living in the Midway.

Here's a view from last Fall, with Kurly ready to go.


UPDATE: A Keg of Natty Ice has just been ordered for Friday Pick-Up.

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