Thursday, January 29, 2009

Bailout Blues Part Deux

I haven't had a chance to dissect the preposterous pork program passed by the House, yesterday. Hopefully I'll have time over Lunch. To be clear, I was against the Bush Bailout, and I am against this one. If you use duct tape and bailing wire to try and get something working again, it may seem like it works over the short term, but becomes even worse down the road. This is the time we need to suck it up and let the market take care of it. That is what will produce the long term sustainability we need. These band aids cost money, too much money, and don't give us what we need in the long term to get out of this mess.

Understand, I am not against provding some assistance in some areas, but this bill seems to have been crafted way to fast, to appease way too many, with out the necessary debate to do what is truly needed. Hopefully in the Senate, calmer heads will prevail.

CNN has a nice little breakdown, that is where I'll be going after morning testing, and a cup of coffee.

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