Monday, January 26, 2009

The Trial Begins

The Election Contest trial begins about 1:ish, today. theUptake is you best one stop shop for great analysis, live streaming video, and active Live Blog.

I wish we had two Senators, but am glad this process is going forward. The Coleman Camp is on record so many times saying they will abide by the outcome of this process. Now, i know, former Senator Coleman stated he would concede if he were in the same situation on Election night, but the statements we have heard over the last few weeks are much more definitive.

The Contest panale will determine if the canvassing board did everything according to law. I suspect the only adjustment that may be made, that could possibly change the outcome is related to absentee ballots. I believe the only real error that took place, was the allowing of veto power to the campaigns during the review of absentee ballots. I believe those vetoed ballots should all be counted. In fact, I would be open to the panel reviewing for a final time all rejected absentees and applying the statutes accordingly.

The wild card this week is the outstanding motion before the Supreme Court regarding Senator Elect Al Franken's claim to an Election Certificate. If the MN Supremes uphold Odegard v Olson, Franken could very well have that coveted piece of paper that even Coleman claims is required to be seated. To prevent the issuance, the court would have to overturn the prior ruling, a much more difficult determination.

Fireworks being today, and will last for weeks to come.


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