Monday, January 12, 2009

Together For Israel

There hasn't been a moment that I can recall, when Senator-Elect Franken, and former Senator Coleman, have agreed on much of anything, let alone policy. Yesterday, they stood in solidarity, in support of Israel:
The show of unity for Israel stood in sharp contrast to recent dealings between Coleman, the Republican incumbent now in political limbo, and Franken, his Democratic foe and declared winner (for now, by 225 votes). The two have been engaged in a bitter recount battle for Coleman's former Senate seat that has dragged on for almost two months, and now Coleman is contesting the results in court.

Coleman and Franken sat apart, on opposite sides of a center aisle. But at the close of his speech, Coleman leapt off the 2-foot dais and enthusiastically pumped Franken's hand; and after Franken's remarks, the DFLer shook hands with a number of people seated in the front row, including Coleman.
The world could learn from the US as we build towards the inauguration, and the peaceful transition our republic has displayed for over 200 years. Yesterday, at the Sabes Jewish Community Center in St. Louis Park, our two Senatorial candidates displayed that same respect and professionalism you would expect of Senators.

My hat (or Yarmulke) is off to both of them for putting their differences behind them, and displaying, for all to see, what they agree on.


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