Friday, December 05, 2008

With 98.88 Counted; Franken WINS

Sorry, there are still ballots left. I had a GOP streak in me that required me to declare victory as soon as we were in the lead. This is where we get to say Coleman should honor his word and drop out. Remember, he said if he was in this situation, with 99.37% of the precincts reporting, he would drop out. I'm calling him on it *laughing*

From the SoS:

Nov. 4 Ballots Cast for Norm Coleman 1195885
Nov. 4 Ballots Cast for Al Franken 1200533

= = =
Recounted Data Totals Percent
RECOUNT Number for Coleman (as recounted) 1193307 41.33
RECOUNT Number for Franken (as recounted) 1197965 41.49
RECOUNT Number of All Other Ballots (as recounted) 489577 16.96
RECOUNT COLEMAN and Other Ballots Challenged By FRANKEN 3197 0.11
RECOUNT FRANKEN and Other Ballots Challenged By COLEMAN 3311 0.11

Franken +4658

Franken +10

So here is how it really works. There is much work to be done, and regardless of who comes out on top, it is important that all legally cast ballots are counted. Once that is over, and the challenges culled, a certificate of election will be awarded. THAT is who my Senator will be.


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