Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Break Glass

via Sack from Last month:
More culling, more frustration, more ballots closer to closure.

The Board will take a break around 1:ish for the Supreme court hearing on the absentee ballots.

I am also frustrated that some media, and the Franken Campaign are claiming Coleman wants to stop counting wrongfully rejected absentee ballots. It is my understanding that all the Coleman Camp is asking for is the Supreme Court to rule on a specific uniform standard to be used throughout the state, rather than individual county interpretations. I believe this is a fair and reasonable concern and support Coleman's efforts in this area. See, in the end, when Franken pulls ahead after the challenges are culled, those absentee ballots will be Coleman's only hope.

Bottom line, I want every legally cast ballot counted, and counted once, and the final results certified by the canvassing board, followed by an issuance of a Certificate of Election. Whomever bears that Certificate will be my Senator, and I will be frustrated by any further legal challenges.

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