Thursday, December 18, 2008

Coleman Apex Reached

At the end of yesterday's review, Coleman's pendulum has reached it's apex. With all Franken's challenged now resolved, we turn tot he over 1000 Coleman challenges.

If those ballots break the same way as Franken's challenges, that would result in an almost 500 vote differential. This virtually assures a Franken lead by the end of this phase of the process. A process that has been open, transparent, and respectful of the rule of law.

I ironically, on the STRIB ballot challenge page, once all ballots are reviewed, it shows Franken winning by as much as 275 votes.

For the first time in this entire process, I now sense I was wrong, and that it looks more and more like we will be sitting a Senator Franken come next January.

Does that mean it will be Franken's turn to claim victory and demand votes stopped being counted. No, we still have improperly rejected absentee ballots to count, and they will be Coleman's final hope.

I repeat from yesterday, I want every legally cast ballot counted and the final results certified by the canvassing board, followed by an issuance of a Certificate of Election. Whomever bears that Certificate will be my Senator, and I will be frustrated by any further legal challenges.


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