Tuesday, December 09, 2008

The Missing 133, My Resolution: Part Deux

In my missing ballot resolution post from last weekend, we have this:
So if both sides acknowledge that an envelope is missing, why couldn't they just agree to use the original count from election day and close this chapter of the recount.
Yesterday, we found out this:
A decision about whether to count the precinct's votes as tallied on Election Day is likely to be made this week when the state Canvassing Board meets.

The Coleman campaign questioned suspending the search and expressed worry that the Franken campaign may have influenced a suggestion by Secretary of State Mark Ritchie that there is precedent for counting vote totals from Election Day when similar mistakes have occurred.
So looks like Team Franken is fine with it, and the Secretary of State points out their is a precedent but the Coleman Camp "expressed worry". Yeap, all is as predicted.


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