Thursday, February 28, 2008

Save Molnau!

UPDATE: JFecke at BotML is live blogging
I have been as critical as most of Lt. Gov. Monlau as the next guy. I have sincere concerns about her ability to remain in her position as transportation head. But I am not at the point were I think she should be booted.

I have talked about this a few times. Almost four years ago I said this:
There are no legitimate reasons, or issues, that should cause the denial of Governor Pawlenty's appointment of Lt. Governor Molnau. Molnau will carry the bidding of Pawlenty to the Department. The Governor's softening on the Northstar rail, and other transportation issues, should ease the fears you may have. In fact, no matter who is running the department, the very issues that concern us, are those coming from the top, and denying Molnau will not prevent that.
In the time since I wrote that, there may be some legitimate reason that have developed, but that main premise still remains; "the very issues that concern us, are those coming from the top, and denying Molnau will not prevent that."

I mentioned earlier this year the point at which I could support a Molnau removal:
push that Transportation bill early and hold the higher ground. If you don't get what you want (you are in the majority remember, your call you set the agenda), then go for the Molnau jugular.
Not only did the Transportation Bill pass, but it was pretty unscathed. And with the assistance of sensible Republicans even the Governor's vetoe couldn't stop it. The support of over 10% of the GOP caucus is significant. This wasn't a token Liebermanesque bipartisanship, this was true working across the aisle/ Lets no damage that good will going on a Molnau vendetta.

Let's move on to the people's business. Molnau is a known and we aren't very sure what the Governor will do if she is ousted. When Yecke was denied we certainly got an improvement with Seagren, but I wouldn't count on lightning striking twice. Let us have Molnau simmer and do her work. She knows she is under a watchful eye. I think we have much greater power in having her know we can pull the plug at anytime, rather than pulling it now, and rolling the dice on her replacement.


- I will be forwarding this to my local Senators and Senate Majority Leadership, you should to!

Senate Majority Leadership

Sen. Steve Murphy

Senate Transportation Committee (LA's contacts below)

Committee Administrator: Billie Ball 651.296.1738
Legislative Assistant - Chair: Kelly Russell 651.296.4264
Legislative Assistant - Vice Chair: Steven Huser 651.297.8073

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