Friday, February 22, 2008

American Idol v.07: Top 24

My Idol viewing was time shifted this week. That will change as the high school basketball season comes to a close. Idol is quality time with the lovely Mrs. Flash, so we have to adjust our viewing schedule.

I was closer on the girls than the guys. The guys who were tosssed were the same ones who had minimal if any face time leading up tpo this weeks show. That can;t help. Although they did point out Kelly clarkson was an Idol who was slighted inthe lead up to the first season.

My rankings for the week with the goners in Bold

* Ramiele Malubay
* Asia'h Epperson
* Syesha Mercado
* Carly Smithson
* Kady Malloy
^^Top 5 was really close^^

* Alaina Whitaker
* Amanda Overmyer
^^Next Tier^^

* Brooke White
* Alexandrea Lushington
* Joanne Borgella (Surprised only due to the build up for her, but not her performance. Not a shocker

* Kristy Lee Cook - Diged a bullet, can she survive next week
* Amy Davis The voters got it right

The Guys

* Jason Castro
* David Archuleta
* Robbie Carrico
* Danny Noriega - Sanjaya with talent!
* Michael Johns
^^Top Tier^^

* Colton Berry I liked Colton. His lack of face time cost him
* David Cook
* David Hernandez
* Garrett Haley Nerves showed but considering how awful Chikeze and Luke were he should have had another week.
* Jason Yeager - Crooner needs to shine next week if he wants to survive

* Chikeze Eze
* Luke Menard
^^ The two luckiest people of the night. They were simply awful ^^

As Always, Bogus Doug has the detailed take!

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