Thursday, March 01, 2007

Who Spoke to Who When

In an E-Mail to Ms Stassen-Berger, the reporter on this story, I wrote:
In your article referring to the 'A plea for a bathroom break", you quoted Paid political operative and former MN GOP oppo Research Michael Brodkorb as saying

""In my heart of hearts, I just don't believe that we need legislation that dictates that level of involvement in businesses,""

He claims there was no contact between you and him regarding this story. Specifically he stated to me ""I didn't "pressure" anyone, nor did I "push" this story with anyone. I posted it on my blog…that's all.""

However, when I do a search on his blog, the quote you used does not exisit anywhere on his site. So my questions are simple:

1) From where did you derive the quote from this paid republican operative.

2) Did you speak with him directly while researching this article.

and 3) Who contacted who first.

Thank you for your time.
She finally responded, but only to state that she does not discuss with anyone how she assembles a story. I followed up to that comment, merely pointing out I was not concerned with the assembly of the story, just the potential misrepresentation by this Republican operative and party official. I'll update as necessary.


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