Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Deliberations Winding Down?

As the Libby trials drags on for another week, the 11 remaining jurors seems to be getting closer to ending it all. Yesterday the Jurors sent another query out to the judge. The questions regards what some seem to believe is the weakest of the charges against Cheney's former Chief of Staff. From what can be gathered from the lawyers' debate about the questions with the judge, it looks like they deliberators will vote 'aye' on that count as well:
heir debate revealed that jurors had asked whether they could use Libby's grand jury testimony, which was played in court, as evidence that Libby lied during an earlier FBI interview.

Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald said the answer should be "yes" in the sense that all the evidence in the case helped establish Libby's state of mind. Libby's lawyers said the grand jury testimony could not be proof of the earlier statement. Walton agreed with both arguments, but said an instruction encompassing both would have to be crafted carefully.
I have a sneaking suspicion that today may be the day, or tomorrow . . . or by the end of the week . . . . the perpetual deliberations.


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