Thursday, March 29, 2007

07-08 SPPS School Calendar

The most recent draft of next year's school calendar finally incorporates a change that I have advocated for some time. St. Paul, due to the proximity of the School Bus Garage to the State Fair Grounds, is virtually forced to start school the Tuesday after Labor Day. Fair traffic is a challenge already. To even consider having buses maneuver in that area, especially in the afternoon, is simply not feasible. Because of that, School has been running until mid June, this year getting out on June 13th.

I have always thought 2 weeks off for the holiday break was excessive. Another myth involving the Holiday break is that although staff is forced to take those two weeks off, they only get paid for one of them. Not a great time of year to get half a pay check. The most significant change in the proposed adjustment to the 07/08 calendar is to trim the holiday break to 7 days, instead of 10. This helps, shift the end of the school year to a more reasonable June 5th date.

I'll be watching to see if this common sense calendar adjustment makes it to the final version.


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