Friday, March 02, 2007

One down, One to go!

An arrest has been made in the January 1st Sexual Assault of a 57 year old woman in St. Paul.
Police have arrested a teen in connection with the New Year's Day rape of a woman in St. Paul's Payne-Phalen neighborhood.

The 16-year-old male was visiting Racine, Wis., when police arrested him there Thursday night. He is being held there.

DNA evidence linked the suspect to the rape, said Sgt. Paul Schnell, the case's lead investigator.
More details from a St. Paul Police Department press release:
On Thursday March, first, Investigators received information from the BCA that a voluntary DNA sample given earlier matched the evidence obtained after the Assault at Payne and Lawson. Investigators acted quickly and were able to locate the suspect. He was taken into custody by the Racine Police Department. A petition has been forwarded to the Ramsey County attorney’s office and extradition proceedings will commence soon.
Now lets get that other monster!


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